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DCReport is published by the nonprofit Next Echo Foundation. We are a unique, not-for-profit service that provides reporting, information, and perspective on the policies, politics, national and local events that affect our everyday lives and futures.

DCReport is participatory civic media in action, propelled by the belief that we ust democratize the stories and the storytellers for our national narrative. 

We are founded on core investigative journalism principles of research, fact-checking, and reporting in plain English how you and your family are affected by what happens in Washington, D.C. and in government and policy at state and local levels. 

We will never tell you what to do; we will equip you with facts and perspectives so you can decide and make your voice heard despite official barriers to citizen involvement in decisions by our government.

DCReport was co-founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston, author of seven books including The Making of Donald Trump, and most recently, The Big Cheat: How Donald Trump Fleeced America and Enriched Himself and His Family, and David Crook, a veteran journalist who was the founder and editor of The Wall Street Journal Sunday.

DCReport remains steadfastly neutral and uncompromised, and we never sell, rent, or share any information about our readers and subscribers. Your tax-deductible contributions allow us to continue our work.

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